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From small children to adults, we can help a Doncaster cancer patient’s dream come true – when dreams really do matter.

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Welcome to the Eve Merton Dreams Trust Website

Who we are?

The Eve Merton Dreams Trust was set up in 2011 by Martin Lawrence and Clynton Johnson. It is a non profit organisation that donates the money it raises to help create a dream for a terminally or seriously ill cancer patient in the Doncaster area.

Why do we exist?

We exist after the unfortunate passing of Martin’s mother to cancer in January 2011 and are jointly dedicated to help make a difference to raising awareness and funds.

What are our intentions?

Our intentions are to raise money via generous donations and a number of organised events, ideally while encouraging healthy activities. The money raised from these sources will then be allocated out in grants to a number of Doncaster’s serious and terminally ill Cancer patients. This will be done through a request system within the site and help as many Doncaster people as we can. We aim to help these patients by funding essential illness related materials, granting a wish or hopefully fulfilling a Dream…