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Claire Graham
Claire Graham
Dreams Co-Ordinator

Fill Time Mum

My name is Claire Louise Graham I am 27 years old . I am happily married to my soul mate Scott and I am a full time mum to our four young children. I have lived in Doncaster all of my life.

Sadly Cancer has affected a lot of people who I care about deeply and one person in particular who is very important to me. The Eve Merton Dreams Trust is an amazing charity,  When someone is diagnosed with Cancer it’s not just physically that they are affected. The sadness and devastation it causes is beyond describable and this charity creates some happiness for people who really deserve it. It creates an everlasting happy memory, so that in the middle of all the pain and hurt they can smile. To be part of such an wonderful heart-warming charity is a complete honour.

Like most people today, I have seen the devastation cancer causes. It doesn’t care who it affects, or when it affects them, and I feel so passionate about being able to help people who have been and are going through such a difficult time. From the moment I heard about The Eve Merton Dreams Trust my passion to help has just kept on growing.