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Claire Wray
Claire Bull
Lead Welfare Officer

Director Better Bodies UK Health and Training. I3 in safeguarding of children & vulnerable adults

I’m Claire Wray and am proud to be the latest addition to the Eve Merton Trust as their Healthy Activity Co-ordinator.

I have got 12 years’ experience in the fitness industry and my training has taken me on a path from taking part in courses to now teaching and assessing courses alongside running Wellbeing Clinics and still taking practical classes myself.  I don’t just have a passion for fitness and exercise but also for the wellbeing side of Healthy Living which fits in neatly to why I have a passion for working with the Eve Merton Trust.

As a local charity close to my heart I love working with genuine people that want to make a difference to people lives.  This difference can come through the promotion of healthy living as well as participation in healthy living.  The Eve Merton Trust make a difference and I am proud to make a difference with them.