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Clynton Johnson
Clynton Johnson
Communications & Dream Operations Manager
  • Communications & Dream Operations Manager
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Co. Founder and Head of Operations since 2011

I am born and raised in Doncaster, and live with my partner and two daughters. I, like many people out, there would like to help raise money for those who need it the most, and hope to be able to do this by not only helping organise but also partaking in events such as half and full marathons which I am currently in training for. I had the privilege of meeting Martin around three years ago through my partner. As long as I have known Martin, he has been raising money for a range of charity’s, mainly linked with cancer. I have witnessed what devastating effects that cancer can have not only on the individual but on the loved ones around them. I like many others have lost people that have been very close to me from this dreadful disease.

After seeing what Martin has gone through in the last twelve months, resulting in the sad loss of Eve, we decided one day that with Martin’s knowledge of fundraising and my willingness to want to help,  that Eve’s Trust was born, and it makes me feel very proud that it has come to fruition. I couldn’t think of a better person to be setting up this charity with than Martin, as he has such drive to help raise money to help provide people that need it with a dream, or help fulfill a wish. We have recieved great support from the people closest to us, for which we are both very grateful for. I hope that the people of Doncaster will get behind the Eve Merton Dreams Trust and help us help those that need it the most in our local area.