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Denise Ridsdale

Former NHS specialist – Registered Homecare Manager

My name is Denise Ridsdale and I have had the honour and pleasure of being associated with Eve Mertons Dream Trust since 2011.

I first met Martin when he was introduced to me and my husband by my youngest daughter Joanne as her boyfriend, he came into our home back in 2010 with a big smile shook my husband’s hand and said hello, the usual niceties. Martin turned to me shook my hand and said, “nice to meet you mother”, the warmth and sincerity in those words meant so much and I knew Joanne and us as a family were on to a winner here.

I am currently employed as the Registered Manager for Drewdales Homecare Services which is a local based company providing excellent social/home care for adults 18 years and above in their own home. At the time I met Martin, I was employed as a Specialist Wound Care Nurse Practitioner at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

I knew from getting to know Martin over several months and talking with Martin that his mum (Eve Merton) was not in good health and fighting a battle with cancer for the last couple of yearsI did not know Eve personally even though we all lived within the same area of Balby, Doncaster but we did have some mutual friends.

Then one day in November 2010, I received a request from a ward at Doncaster Royal Infirmary to review a lady with a wound that was failing to heal. I arrived on the ward and waiting outside the room was Martin, along with other members of his family. It soon became apparent that the patient I had come to see was Martins mum, Eve. I entered the room, introduced myself in my nursing capacity and then had the pleasure of introducing myself as Martin’s girlfriends mum, an unusual way to meet but an exceptional one for many reasons.

In that moment I saw that same warmth and sincerity that I witnessed on that first day I met Martin. This lady had great strength and character, she was proud of her family, proud of their achievements and most of all proud to be their mum. I was honoured to get to know Eve over the next couple of months, her determination and commitment to overcome this horrendous disease called Cancer was inspiring

Sadly, Eve lost her fight with cancer in January 2011.

I have supported the charity, hands on, since the very early days. I’ve worked tombola stalls, sold raffle tickets, completed a Zumba marathon, sponsored people doing crazy things like jumping out of aeroplanes, to which I did draw the line. I’m also available in my role as Trustee to draw on my many years in the NHS, to offer professional advice surrounding individual cases and potential support for some of the families coming into the charity. 

Martin very kindly asked me to represent EvesTrust as one of their Trustees, something I was delighted to accept. It was and still is an honour and privilege to be associated with this very important local charity. I’ve seen first-hand the dreams they have seen to fruition for many people, the special memories they have created for their families even though many of them have lost their own fight against cancer. Long may it continue.

Thank you Eve Merton for your legacy and the opportunity to be a part of it.