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Jim Malton
Events Assistant

I’m sorry after the debunking surgery and tests have been done the brain tumour it’s a grade 4 glioblastoma and it’s terminal. The world just seemed to stop at that moment Jackie took the news unbelievably well her first thoughts were of her kids and all through her battle always were . Jackie had one wish for us to be married. This is where the Evestrust entered our lives. With a huge effort and many last minute changes we had a dream wedding with family and loved ones around us . During the day I had a moment one that will never leave me. I’d been outside for some air when I entered the room nobody noticed and for a brief moment I looked round the room and there where tears everyone was smiling and laughing and I saw Jackie at our table surrounded by loved ones no one was fussing round her or asking if she was ok and in that moment the cancer wasn’t there no pain she was just wearing the most beautiful smile I have seen.

This is when I understood Evestrust saying it’s all about the smiles . Jackie passed away only months later , during her illness we had been happy to share our story with the hope it would help the trust and at that time our little thank you to all the people who were helping making our dream a reality. from the start it was Clynton who we were in contact with, a friendship and a bond was made . After the dream we stayed in contact he call or pop and visit up until the very end, he could always make Jackie smile and cheer her up and was often a real comfort for me,  I could have a chat and be myself which is difficult when caring for someone as you are careful not to let your guard down for fear of worrying those closest to you,  when they should be making the time left with Jackie. It meant so much to the family and myself when Clynton came to the funeral. my personal journey with the trust starts from this point. I always said I’d be happy to the trust in any way I could whether fund raising , spreading awareness or just helping moving stuff to events etc.

I wanted to let them all know I appreciated what they had done. I was given the opportunity and even now it always feels such a privilege to be even the smallest part of anything they are doing. aidy crewe my bro and best man was keen to help too, we did discos put sound and lighting at events and loved being apart of it, and seeing what it meant to people it’s heartwarming.  I have drove a support van during marathon madness I didn’t think I was doing much but meant a lot to the team I’d given a bit of my time , I jumped out a plane to raise a few bob, rowed in the dragon boat race , helped out where I could at legends game I’ve even just took bits to tip to help out my favourite is being apart of a presentation to one call who helped out a lot for our dream the guys knew I wanted to somehow show my appreciation for the part they played and they made it possible for me it was so nice to present a bouquet of flowers and in person just say a simple thank you. what means the though by a long way is during all this I’ve got to meet all the team and becoming friends with them all, the trust is so much more than a group of people helping others and who often put their own personal lives and time to one side, they are a family one I’m massively proud to be apart of. getting to know them away from the trust as a part of their daily lives , birthdays and celebrations the pop in say hi and a brew or just a chat has been a sometimes much needed lift and source of strength. The support through a couple rough spots I’ve had has been amazing .being an official volunteer is my way of showing my commitment to not only a wonderful charity but also in my own way of saying thank you to the beautiful people who run it, and it’s also a way to thank everyone who raises funds, awareness, donates and supports the charity without it Jackie and I wouldn’t have had our dream wedding.